Welcome to the Academy of Learning

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 We are the Health Education and Literacy Network

Committed to simplified health education for all

The H.E.A.L organization is dedicated to

teaching  communities about health in a simple way

Our mission at H.E.A.L organization is to educate communities about common health problems in a simple language. The goal is to make sure that everyone becomes an equal partner in their healthcare.

"This is a great resource to teach providers and patients how to truly connect!"

Enter into the Academy

H.E.A.L organization caters to patients, providers, students of Healthcare and administrators of Health care programs/facilities.

Enter into the Academy!

I am a patient

I am interested in participating in the global work of H.E.A.L

Multi-disciplinary approach

We have a theory that every patient can understand the basic pathological process that causes disease

We believe that every patient should be a partner in their own healthcare 


Advanced Providers

Physicians and advanced providers explain in a language that patients understand



Simple explanations that take out the mystery of treatment

Allied Healthcare providers

Percepectives offdred from professionals who have vast experience and passion for the work they do 

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